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The Daily Show:

Although these large scale color photographs visually reference science and surveillance, their origin is deceptively ordinary. These images are the dried remains from my morning cup of coffee.

Between what the images suggest and what they actually are is a journey from micro landscape of the body (cells, germs, viruses) to macro vistas of satellite imagery. By recontextualizing the evidence of this common daily ritual the images shift our perspective from the banal to something unexpected and radically different. By questioning what is really there they also challenge the verisimilitude of the photographic image.

These contextual shifts mimic how we locate and begin to understand our place in the world: simultaneously large and powerful and remarkably insignificant.

The titles indicate the day the coffee was consumed.

The Vulture Series:

I'm not interested in photographic verisimilitude. I’m interested in the camera’s ability to manipulate perspective and scale. All the birds depicted in this series are turkey vultures. Turkey vultures are large gliding birds with six foot wingspans and a keen ability to smell rotting stuff.

These images are not digitally manipulated. They are shot on film with an intentionally crummy lens and then over-processed in the darkroom.

In contrast to the gliding bird, the viewer is purposefully grounded, purposefully removed from context and orientation. What remains is a simple directive: look up. Try to understand the calm horizon through fits and starts.

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