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Resourceful is a word I find myself using more and more in my career. Overall design and the finished product is often dictated by the materials I have already gathered and are at hand rather than ones I could feasibly go out and look for. While not always a certainty I have a much greater tendency to use what is around me than to collect rare and unattainable materials.

The objects I make, mostly all functional and furniture-like in nature, are produced with very little waste and are usually made from other people's refuse. Wherever I go, I constantly find myself looking at my surroundings, around hidden corners or out of the reach places where treasures can be found. Recently the railroad has been intriguing me. I walk along the tracks or behind old industrial buildings. The objects I find; metal railroad spikes, clips, or even pieces of the rail themselves; symbolize power. These pieces may be small and simple individually but together they make a track that helps something as massive as a freight train deliver goods across the nation.

After all these individual parts are collected I lay them out and start designing in my head. Hardly any sketches are made, either in the designing or fabricating stage. The piece usually ends up changing and evolving too much for my drawings to keep up with the process. Most of my pieces are geometric in some way. The objects I collect may be random and scattered but the way they are assembled is ordered and precise. I feel as though the scraps I find are being refabricated. When I find them they are disheveled, unordered and discarded as trash. As they are being reassembled a purpose emerges once again from these leftover scraps. I feel as though I am creating another "machine" for these objects to be a part of. Whether it houses or contains another object or in which a human machine can use or manipulate it.


rail road spike bookends
rail road spike bookends
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