August Oster



  Throwing on the wheel, I create objects that range in form from functional folk or classic styled shapes, to abstract decorative pieces. Using bright colors and a cartoon style that I have developed, I decorate my pieces using the three dimensionality of the form to accentuate the drawings. I like to use ceramics as a ground for my paintings because of the manipulability of the clay, and I have found the act of throwing on the wheel and the messiness to be meditative.

          With my imagery I prefer to leave the meanings ambiguous rather than to explain the narratives. I believe that individuals create a stronger bond with a piece when they can relate it to their own ideas. My cartoon style stems from a fascination with animation that I have had since a young age, and I attempt to arrange the figures and patterns to create a surreal narrative from my subconscious. With my paintings, I am interested in exploring the psychology and emotions in beauty, the grotesque, fear, sex, and repetition.