Brandon Phillips



I have been a studio potter in Abilene, Texas since 2003. I make a limited range of objects to fulfill a variety of utilitarian needs. While making pots is a viable career, it is also so much more than that. To me it is about following a path that embraces spiritual, intellectual and practical values as a way of life.

I make pots for everyday use, objects of beauty that will fulfill daily needs. I prefer to make a whole lot of well-crafted pots and sell them for affordable prices so that people can afford to use them. I use a limited palette of slips and glazes preferring to let the flame in the kiln have a say in the final outcome of the pieces. I also enjoy using traditional methods to create my work. I blunge my clay, throw on a manual powered wheel and fire my work in a woodfired kiln. I use as many locally available materials as I can and try to eliminate the use of any non-renewable natural resources. The wood I use to fire my kiln is scrap from the construction industry that would otherwise end up in a landfill. For my glazes I use granite dust from a local countertop manufacturer, red clay from a local creek bed, and wood ash, which is a byproduct of a local BBQ restaurant. They help add a local quality to my work. These processes are undoubtedly labor intensive but are extremely efficient as far as the consumption of natural resources goes.

My hope is to make pots that have long lives of service to their users and will enhance their daily life.