Carol Phifer



Carol Phifer paints her spare, open landscapes with a poetic voice and a haunting use of color. Her work has shown extensively in the mid Atlantic region in juried shows and galleries and it is included in corporate and private collections. Her work has won numerous awards including finalist in the Bethesda Painting Awards in 2010. Carol Phifer currently paints in a studio at Liberty Town Arts Workshop in Fredericksburg. She received her BA in art from the University of Maryland.


My recent paintings were inspired by a trip to Washington State to see the commercial flower fields in Skagit Valley.  The slightly surreal quality of these fields, with pure color stretching as far as the eye can see is endlessly intriguing to me. The barns with their large, interesting shapes, bring a counterweight to the colorful fields. 

Much of my creative process occurs during the sketching phase of work. I use pastels to work out color ideas beginning with a large number of thumbnail sketches. The paintings are very much informed by the sketches.  I try to paint in the way the eye sees, painting loosely and intuitively.  I want the physical presence of the painting to assert itself and enjoy using free, gestural brushwork.