Dorothy Bowman

Dorothy  Bowman - Runnin_ Scared

Runnin' Scared

17.5 x 21.5 in

Me and John, my younger brother, are going down and old dirt road picking up bottles as we often did. We’d sell them to get food. We came upon a church. The people were all black and had on white robes. We were so scared and thought they were angels. They were singing about God and were dipping each other in the river. We had to go by them to get home. At first we were going to sneak by, but as we got closer a man turned and seen us and waved us over. Our legs took to wing and we ran as fast as we could. Bottles were flying off the wagon. We were hitting bumps on the old dirt road. Some were broken, but no matter, we kept running and did not stop till we got out of sight. We often talk about that day. We now know we were not in danger. At the very least we could’ve been dipped.


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