Hamilton Glass



Ham? is an artist native to Philadelphia, PA, and is currently based out of Richmond, VA. Growing up in Philadelphia allowed Hamilton to experience different cultures and art. As a young child his mother constantly enrolled him in art classes at the Philadelphia Institute of Art. Here he gained a strong foundation that allowed him to tap into his creative side and begin his journey as an artist. After graduating from Arch Bishop Carroll High School, Hamilton started his college career at Morris Brown College in Atlanta, GA. After a semester in Atlanta, Hamilton chose to move back north to Hampton, VA. At Hampton University, he obtained his Bachelors of Architecture and went on to work within numerous architecture firms in Virginia and New Jersey.

It’s been his journey in Richmond that has allowed Hamilton to introduce his design ideas to the city and the art community. His work serves to create dialog between mainstream and underground art enthusiasts. He is one of many street artists who has taken part in the ongoing debate as to whether graffiti belongs on a gallery wall. In Hamilton’s mind it should be able to belong in both spaces, which allows two different environments in which to view and experience the art.

Influenced by the memories and experiences with street art growing up, Hamilton Glass tries to infuse the vibe and grit of the city into each piece. What makes Hamilton's work unique is the use of architectural elements within graffiti: the line work or ‘drafting’ creates the dynamic backgrounds of his pieces. Elements that are common within Hamilton’s work are freehand shapes executed with graffiti hand styles, along with unpredictable raw mediums and bold bright colors. The nature of Hamilton’s work thrives with and around the city, which is why he is always seeking to make an impact with his large scale projects and murals.