Jacobe Noonan



Growing up in Northern Virginia Jacobe's love and appreciation for artistic creation blossomed with inspiration from his family, friends, and teachers. Coming from an artistic Italian family he was surrounded by creativity and was encouraged to express himself visually. He always knew he wanted to go into the field of art and has explored many different forms of media. To investigate his artistic talent Jacobe took basic art courses in his community and was encouraged by art teachers to apply to a formal art school. Six months later, at the age of 19, he moved to Miami, Florida to obtain a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design at International Fine Arts College. Throughout his college experience Jacobe worked towards a graphic design degree, but it was his illustrative talent that impressed professors and inspired colleagues. Jacobe quickly became known and recognized for his incredible illustrations. In his third year of college he was awarded the 2002 Best Illustrator Award. After graduating, Jacobe worked for 7 years as a graphic designer while painting and illustrating in his spare time. Jacobe's work was soon found in coffee shops, restaurants and art galleries around the Northern Virginia area. One of his pieces was published as a book cover and another piece was displayed in the MTV Real World House in Washington D.C. In November 2009, Jacobe made the decision to leave the graphic design field and pursue his true passion as a full-time artist. Jacobe now spends his days painting and illustrating images that inspire him. Jacobe continues to evolve as an artist and becomes influenced through each piece of his artwork.


Working with a wide variety of mediums, Jacobe's most common choices are acrylic and spray paint. Custom wooden art panels are made by Jacobe in order to control size and depth of each piece of work. Jacobe's work is representative of change as he is often painting something completely different than his previous piece. The still life subjects Jacobe chooses to paint are often of the artifacts that surround him. He may be pouring himself a cup of coffee, envision it as a painting and will quickly grab the camera to capture the image. Whatever inspires him at any given moment, Jacobe will transform into a piece of artwork. Many of his spray paint pieces resemble and connect to his graphic design background through the use of clean lines, empty space and placement of the subject. While different processes, mediums and subjects make up his work, each show similarity in their elements of design crossing into the realm of fine art. Jacobe enjoys painting images that are visually appealing, grab his attention or evoke a mood. His work continuously reflects the elements that surround him, created from his own thoughts and interpretations, illuminating his soul and enlightening his imagination.