Sunny Lenz



I paint what I know. My first work of art is the log cabin and gardens where I live in central VA with my husband, chickens and dogs. Working in garden design and estate maintenance for 25 years has opened my eyes to the gleams and changes of light through the seasons. Painting these scenes and landscapes calls my attention to what catches the eye, flares up in the moment of cloud shift or slant of the sun; how the same landscape changes with both subtlety and drama.

Using water colors on a gessoed surface allows for content shifts while the painting develops and this is how I have learned to paint. My subject is our rural landscape; fields, farms and rivers, local coast line and an occasional baby portrait. Though I still work on innovative garden design and maintenance, and write a garden column for the local papers, my focus continues to turn to art. I know a work is finished when it recalls the wonderful offering the world gives me every day.