Tray Eppes


About the Artists:

To find more information on Tray's music and pottery please visit his website


Tray moved to Central Virginia to make pottery in 1975.

"I built a stoneware kiln and established Cowpalace Pottery on my grandparent's retired dairy farm in Darlington Heights. There have been several teaching opportunities but my main interest has been to create and sell pottery. My work is made up of mostly functional pieces to be used to enhance the experience of daily life.


I have a lifetime of ideas I want to see finished. I can often tell you how I made something but I can't always tell you why. Clay is a very accommodating medium to work with. It makes certain demands of your time but, if properly handled, can wait to be finished. One of my favorite aspects of pottery making is working with the high kiln temperatures required to finish stoneware pottery.

Making pottery creates a rewarding balance to traveling and playing music in public. I have settled into a lifestyle that allows me to enjoy the rewards of both.